March 6, 2014

Wantable Makeup Box Review - February 2014

Hi Everyone!!  My February Wantable makeup box came a little later than usual due to a bookkeeping error (completely on my part).  Wantable is one of my absolute favorite subscription box companies.  If you're interested, a brief description will be posted at the end.

Upon opening the box you will find it packaged in egg crate foam which ensures nothing is going to rattle around in there.  There is always a "Cheat Sheet" included, listing the items and the price breakdown of each item.  Lately they have also been sending small card reminders that they now have an iPhone app available in the iTunes store.  The Android app will be coming soon.  And let's not forget about the insert that they include in every box with a cute message on the front, and a famous quote or affirmation on the back (I secretly love these).  Listed below is what I received in my February Wantable makeup box.

Sorme Anti Aging Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer Sample (link not available) - FREE
*Paraben Free
I actually really like this product.  It goes on nicely, soaks in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling.  Out of the sample size I can get 2 applications.

Be a Bombshell Eye Crayon in Fetish - $14.00
This eye crayon is great!  It actually stays on and does not crease, at least not for me.  This was a very vibrant purple so I did need to tone it down, but it had a great metallic shimmer to it.  There are also additional colors.  It glides on smoothly and is fairly easy to blend out.  Did I mention it stays on?  I actually had to work at getting it off.  I am beginning to become a huge Be a Bombshell fan.

Golden Rose Perfect Mascara in Blue - $10.99
I gave it my best shot, but this has to go to my 13 year old daughter.  It's not quite as bright on your lashes, but you can still tell it is an electric blue.  I stopped wearing those colors about 25 years ago.  However, it was a great mascara.  It didn't flake, smudge or run and it also left them soft and pliable, not stiff and breaking.

Beauty for Real True Color Lip Cream in Always There - $22.00
A mirror on the side and a light on the cap ... a very bright light.  An almost unusable bright light,  But it's a smart idea.  The lip cream went on smoothly, pigment was nice and it PASSED the Sticky Test!!  That's a huge deal for me.  The color was nice for my complexion and they offer other colors as well.  This has gone into my purse for those "I NEED MY LIP STICK" times.  A bit pricey so I'm not sure I would buy it on my own.

MiA BelleZZa Ooh La La eyeliner Duo in Spellbind - $24.50
*Came with brush
I have very recently became a pretty big fan of MiA BelleZZa products...and all because of Wantable.  This was an powder eyeliner duo with both a matte and a shimmer black.  The shimmer goes on a bit lighter than the matte black, but the sparkles add a little bit of glamour.  The brush that came with it is really not the type of brush that I use for eyeliner, so that won't get much use, but the eyeliner is wonderful.  It was easier to apply wet and I got the desired effect I was looking for.  The eyeliner stayed on without any smudging and came off easily at the end of the day.  A definite Thumbs up!

All in all, except for the Blue mascara I was pretty happy with my February Wantable makeup box.  My accessories box is already on its way, so I've been trying to leave work early to get to my mailbox!!

So now for a quick run down of Wantable.  Wantable is a subscription company that offers 3 different subs; Accessories, Makeup and Intimates.  I personally subscribe to all 3.  Each subscription box is $36.00 a month, or $40 for a one time box to check it out before you commit.


P.S.  If you have any questions, or would like to share what you received in your box please post below!!  And if you'd like to see the actual unboxing video, please look to the left of the post in the video bar.

**I pay for my subscription, it is not a gifted box.  All of my opinions are my own, I do not receive compensation for my review.  This review does contain REFERRAL links not AFFILIATE links, which just means I would receive points toward a future box.  :)