November 3, 2013

Chloe's Birthday

So in about 2 hours...9 years ago, my water broke.  She scared me that morning, and I realized then, just go to the hospital.  I waited for the ambulance.  Tiny and sweet that little princess entered my life.  Now she's turning 9...going on 18 (she thinks).  "Nothing but Monster High" she says.  "Oh Okay".  3 different stores that assured me they had Catty Noir in stock.  Thank you Toys 'R Us for Truly having it.  I can't wait to see her face.

But it occurred to's crunch time.  From Halloween to Christmas, Time moves on warp speed.  Birthday today, Thanksgiving will be here in what feels like 2 days, and Christmas in a week.  I used to love this time of year, especially as a kid.  However that magic seems to lessen if not fizzle out when you get older,  Now I see it as a time of stress.  Worrying that this Christmas will be smaller than last.  Times are hard.  My youngest 2 seem to understand a little better than the older 2.  In fact we're (well I'm) planning a project that I hope the kids will help with to help those less fortunate, especially since they closed the triangle downtown.  Now where do they go?  Maybe it will do good, maybe it won't.  I need to try.

Well for a first post, it really was a funny.  Tomorrow I promise to post my first beauty box review.  Since I've been receiving them for the last 3 boxes, I figured I should do them first.  So Julep it is.  Have a great morning.

Happy 9th Birthday Chloe.  I love you.