February 17, 2014

Late January Volupties Review ... and OOPS!

Like I mentioned above,I am a huge procrastinator.  No, really I've just been extremely busy, so I apologize that this is so late, but I figured since my February shipment should be here any day I better get my January review up!!

Now Volupties (Volup-Tease) is a monthly Panties/Underwear subscription for $17 including S&H ($12 for your FIRST month) in which you receive 3 pairs of panties.  They also deliver to Canada!!  The styles and colors differ and you do not get to customize, but they have a great selection and I have gotten the "booty-licious" seal of approval numerous times!  Volupties is for us ladies that have a more full booty than our smaller girlfriends.  Don't worry ... There's a subscription for you too called Splendies.  If you wear a size 8 or above, you're a Volupties girl!!

Recently I received an email that the company has grown so much that they have changed their billing process a bit.  You now get billed on the 10th of the month and your package is shipped on the 15th.  NO worries!  I like the structure myself..  Last month I was involved in a small OOPS.  I was actually billed once on the 5th and received that shipment, then was billed again and received a second shipment in January.  Not a problem really as you will see below.  But as with any changes in processes, there's going to be small glitches, but like I said, no worries! :)

With the first shipment I received it arrived as it normally does in the regular heavy duty envelope wrapped in tissue paper.  There were of course 3 pair ...

The first pair were my favorite.  The black with the pink trim!  Very soft, comfortable, not riding up or falling down.  These were definitely a plus.  They also wash well and have so far kept their shape.

The next pair were a pretty sexy pair of lace boy shorts.  Very comfortable considering they were all lace.  They also had a cute bow in the front that added that extra feminine touch!  Also a great fit and very comfortable, even for being all lace.

The third pair were not exactly my favorite.  It was another lace boy short style, this time in a cream color. When I tried them on, they ran extremely small.  In fact they were the first and only pair of panties that have ever caused me CT.  It's safe to say, these will not get any use.  Unless of course, I lose another 20 pounds! They were extremely cute, but the cut was awkward.

Like I mentioned, I had received a second shipment in January.  The EXACT same shipment ... LOL!!

There was just one difference ... the uncomfortable pair that gave me CT, came in a cheetah print this time.  Again, I'll probably leave these in the back of my drawer for the time being.  You just never know.  The other 2 pair were duplicates of the first, but like I said, I didn't mind.  I really liked both pair!!

All in all, I was happy as usual.  I love the fact that I can upgrade my intimates drawer at a great price and with great products.  I plan to be a Volupties subscriber for quite a while and can't wait for my next shipment that should arrive any day now!!