January 24, 2014

Thursday Blah's

Well by the time this is done and I'm ready for will actually be Friday.  Friday oh Friday, how I missed you!  I was actually going to hold off, but I can't seem to fall asleep ... so this will be one of those random posts.  I think the reason may be that I have so much to do, both at work and at home.  It's probably NOT as much as I think, but I'm a worrier ... lol.  Drives my family crazy!

I have decided this is a new outlet for me to relax and be myself.  However, I have had many of these outlets in the past.  We'll see how this one goes.  I do happen to have a TON of Beauty box reviews to get done. Including 6 months worth of JULEP!!!!   I've been procrastinating again, so my personal mission is to get all of my reviews done plus possibly some slideshows or videos over this weekend.  No football, so that may actually happen!!


Earlier I was having all of these random thoughts.  Things I thought, "Hey, I should write about that before I forget", well ... I forgot.  Maybe They'll come to me in the middle of the night, if that's the case ... I'll be back on.  If not, well then ... lol.

Good Night All!!