January 24, 2014

10 Random Thoughts ...

1.  I wish I knew how to put on fake eyelashes correctly.  I tried it on my daughter for Halloween, and let's just say she fit the Frankie Stein character from Monster High pretty well.  NOTE TO SELF:  MUST LEARN...SOON!

2. is actually a really awesome site :)

3.  I truly am a shopping addict ... oops!  Is there a group for that?  (saying this while shopping online)

4.  Truly, deep down, I LOVE it when people tell me I don't look my age (37 in Feb....EEEK)

5.  It's been almost 2 years, and I'm still nowhere with WLH ... I think it's time to move on ... Heart breaker

6.  Holy Cow ... I'm a HUGE

7.  A tad annoyed that a certain company didn't want me as an affiliate...well poo poo to you to BB.  I won't be renewing my subscription anyway....So there!

8.  Realized I have 3 calendars, 2 day planners, an online calendar and another on my phone.  Oh!  And don't forget the one at work.  I have yet to synchronize any of them...maybe I'll do that to this weekend.

9.  I will have no time to myself this weekend ...

10.  Wow!!!  I really need to paint my walls ... which leads me back to #6 & #9.  But first ... I need to finally get these decorations put away (See?  #6)...LOL

Good Night All ... More tomorrow!